Extractor - Unarchive RAR, Zip, Tar, 7z & Bzip2 files App Reviews

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Works great. It’s fast and has opened every zip fie that I needed.

Needs UI improvments

It gets the job done, sorta. Pros: -Looks good -Simple, mac style app -It uncompresses files Cons: -It does not handle multiple pieces files well -It keeps asking for permisions to uncompress in a folder and when granted it errors out, you have to try again and then it goes through (seems like a bug). But in a case it shouldn’t need to ask for permisions to every folder -It deletes the rar file even if the process failed (should only do it when it succeeds) -It fails to delete r01..r0n files, only deleted the main .rar file -Notifications never go away Overall it’s a good app, but the devs should address this issues before is actually usable. Went back to The Unarchiver


Easy to use and lightening fast. I couldn’t ask for a better app.

Says it works for zip- NOT!

compltely did not work for zip files! what a waste!

Did What I needed

The Archive Utitlity that comes with Mavericks seems to not work at all for zip files. This one did the trick. Easy to use drag and drop. Only down side is the nag to buy other apps. But hey, it’s free right?

ok but

The app constantly asks for permission and since I use zip files in alot of different places this is rather annoying. I am going to keep looking for something better.


I use this all the time! Get this and use it with zero problems!

Works Like a Charm!!

Been using it to extract RAR files - effortless. Love, love, love it!!!

very easy to use

i like being able to drag files into the application

Ehh 3.5

@ least its free. It does what it says, however certain apps will not open when it finishes. Slightly above average.

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