Extractor - Unarchive RAR, Zip, Tar, 7z & Bzip2 files App Reviews

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Good Job!

Does what its supposed to, nice design, too!

First Try

Worked great especially for large 7.8 Gb zip file full of videos and photos! Had to rerun a couple of times before conversion would begin. May need an update to the User interface.

The best

Simple and easy :) AND ITS FREE <3


It does what it is supposed to do AND IT IS FREE!

It works if you are having issues with other extractors.

I had some troubler on my mac with other extractors and Archive utilies with permissions. This application asked me once and has worked ever since. Beautuful!

As a casual user

If you’re in need of a file that needs some extracting such as a zip or rar file, you can count on Extractor to get the job done. It has been my go-to application for that purpose and it never fails. I’m only speaking as a casual user who uses it for simple everyday extracting purposes. It’s perfect for me and hopefully every other casual user.

Very efficient and fast

Honestly, if you’re using a Mac to expand .zip and .rar archives and you’re not using this software…the f*ck are you doing.

Ads every time I open it

Trying to open one ZIP file it kept popping up ads, then asks for permissions to access the computer, then instead of showing the contents of the archive it pops up a chooser window that doesn’t allow me to choose any file/folder/archive.

Extractor works great.

Easy to use, works just fine. I don’t need anything more powerful or complicated. I like the simplicity and speed of Extractor.

Easy to use App

I occasionaly need to extract .rar folders sent to me Extactor is easy to use and I have no issues opening the folders and the enclosed files. Thanks for making a no nonsense App thats easy to use.

great app!!!

this a great app for extracting files

Great app!

Easy to use and works like a dream!

Best Extractor

Simple. Easy to use. Ad free. Perfect app.


It’s simple, easy to use.

Almost there

Looks promising, but without the ability to select where files are extracted to upon extraction is completely useless to me :( Keep up the good work

It’s very good.

It’s simple and fast. I recommend to everyone.

Excellent Extractor

This app does what it’s supposed to do. It extracts, and it does it quickly and efficiently. Also, it’s free! I’m not sure what else you could ask for. You will be happy that you’ve donwloaded this app.

Extractor Review

The FREE Extractor application extracts files quickly and efficiently from RAR, Zip, Tar & 7z quickly and efficiently. Glad I downloaded this application.

Quick. Easy. Efficient. Free.

Fantastic app, exactly what I was looking for. Extracts archive files easily. Also, if you’re having trouble with extracting the files where you want them, try placing the file in the folder you wish it to be extracted to, before you drag and drop it into the app.

simple and fast

This app is simple and fast.

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